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2024 Lucky Calendar Columbian Retirement Home

My Brother,

I am calling on you for help. On behalf of the Columbian Retirement Home Inc. I am asking for your action and continued support to ensure we can continue to provide assistance for our Brother Senior Knights reaching out to us in their need.
In 1975 the California State Convention resolved to create the Columbian Retirement Home Inc. to be the state organization with the mission to address the housing needs of our senior knights and widows. For these 47 years, we have been pursuing the vision - For every knight and spouse or widow, the dignity and safety of suitable, affordable housing in their maturity.

Over these years, Our Columbian Residence Center in Marysville, and our Columbian Senior Advisory Service’s free phone counseling and support have helped almost 1,000 knights in need. This good “brother helping brother” work needs your financial support. Your members’ individual donations, and donations in the name of your group, are the overwhelmingly major sources of our support.

The 2023 Lucky Calendar Program features:
✓ Guaranteed 2024 Lucky Number payout of $25,550.
✓ Daily prizes of either $50, $100, or $1,000
✓ Every winning Lucky Number reentered for every day of the year
✓ Any designated Lucky Number holder (knight, wife, pastor, ?) eligible to win.

I would also highlight that individual councils and chapters purchased 2023 calendars in their own name, and several were lucky winners – and a few even luckier to win more than once.

My thanks for your support.…. and my wishes for the good luck of having one of your own Lucky Numbers win.

Ross Willour

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