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Walk for Life


On Saturday, January 21, 2023, about 50,000 faithful from California, joined by young pro-lifers from as far away as Florida, Colorado, Oklahoma and Alaska filled the Civic Center Plaza and Market Street at the 19th Annual Walk for Life West Coast.


KofC Peace Keepers: We need Peace Keepers at the Civic Center starting at 10:00 am. We should finish the walk around 3:30-4:00 pm. This is not a security guard type activity, anyone can participate. Please invite potential members, parishioners, and their family. We are not allowed to carry weapons. If someone is retired law enforcement or a detective we can have you with the VIP protection unit.

Knights walking with their Council or Parish: Please stop by the KofC booth to pick up a green Peace Keeper vest. You'll be given information to call for a pickup van if anyone in your group needs a ride. Please participate.


Remember, our duties are to observe and report. We are not to get into physical confrontations or discussions with protesters. Corner Monitors will assist people that cannot continue to walk. Call a relief van and stay with them until the van arrives. The vans will drop people off at Justin Herman Plaza. ONLY THE PEOPLE THAT CANNOT WALK WILL RIDE. WE DON'T HAVE ROOM FOR EVERYONE. People can also take BART to the Embarcadero if they cannot walk.


Peace Keeper assignments: Crossing Guards, Bus Directors, Stage Security, Giving Directions, Corner Monitor, Buffer Zone. We can make arrangements if you need to leave early to get back for your Crab Feed.


Timeline for the Walk for Life

9:00am: KofC booth set up for Peace Keeper sign in

10:00am: Buses start arriving, crossing guards posted

12:15pm: All Peace Keepers positioned around main stage area

12:30: Rally starts

1:15pm: All Peace Keepers meet back at the KofC booth

1:30pm: Walk down Market Street starts

3:30 pm: Walk should finish up at Justin Herman Plaza

Radio and Vest Pickup: On the left side of Market Street at the entrance to Justin Herman Plaza. Look for a white van or pick-up truck.


Parking Suggestion: We advise everyone to park by either Civic Center Plaza or Justin Herman Plaza and use the shuttle buses or public transportation at the end of the Walk to return to your vehicle.


If you can help as a Peace Keeper contact Steve Hagarty at 925-595-3391 or email at The sign-up table will be at Larkin and Fulton as it has in past years.

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